Dos Botellas de Aceite de Aguacate


The production of Avocado is a fruit that we grow on the tropical coast of Malaga and we
Have chosenthe variety hass , we obtain the oil at the optimum harvest timejust when the fruit ripens for refining the oil to its maximum level of acidity and obtain the best results for an oil of virgin.

The control we carry out the trees means there are no traces of peticides in the analyses after every grinding. So we obtain a very high quality product without managing to be biological since we have to use treatment to avoid the different plagues that concern the zone.


To keep AAVE we use different packaging sizes isolated from light and environment. We recomended keep in dry and fresh place.

We have next sizes available:

  • 250 ml. dark glass bottle.
  • 500 ml. dark glass bottle.
  • 500 ml. can
  • 2500 ml. can


Our Avocado Oil Mill is located at Casabermeja, Málaga, SPAIN