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About Us

We are several generation of traditional fruit growers the Campo de Camara in the province of Málaga. Our aim is to maintain the value our inheritance, one such example includes, according to the Unerversity of Córdoba , the thousand year old olive trees,At the same time we have not forgotten about branching out into different fruits such as the avocado.
We can boast as having a thousand year olive three that won the national prize of the best monumental olive tree for 2013.
However progress has meant that we have now branched out into new tropical fruits. Suitable for growing in the climate of Malaga province and we grow mangos, avocados and custard apple.

Avocado Oil Production

The production of Avocado is a fruit that we grow on the tropical coast of Malaga and we
Have chosenthe variety hass , we obtain the oil at the optimum harvest timejust when the fruit ripens for refining the oil to its maximum level of acidity and obtain the best results for an oil of virgin. . The control we carry out the trees means there are no traces of peticides in the analyses after every grinding. So we obtain a very high quality product without managing to be biological since we have to use treatment to avoid the different plagues that concern the zone.

Cold Extraction

For the extraction of olive oil and Avocado oil we do it with the cold mechanical system which makes it a totally natural process free of any chemical product in the extraction process.

Our production process follows the European quality parameters both in avocado and olive oil.

We do not mix varieties. We always obtain the same quality, there are few changes in the taste.


Avocado Oil Bottle
250 mml.

Milenary Olive Oil Bottle
500 mml.

Centenary Olive Oil Bottle
500 mml

Elaborated Sierpe packaging

  • Avocado Pearls

Avocado oil pearls about 5mm diameter

  • Avocado Jum

100% sugar free sweetness

  • Avocado Cream

Avocado oil emulsion to smear

  • Avocado Salt

Marine salt mixed with avocado oil in powder


Countries where we export

We export Avocado oil to England, Canada and the Dutch markets and in the home market to the Canary islands and Galicia.

The olive oil milnario is sent exclusively to the Sauidita Group.
The Centenary olive oil goes to the European and Middle East market.

Benefits of Avocado Oil in Healthcare

Due to the presence of monounsaturated fat, Avocado oil helps in reducing cholesterol LDL (bad) and to increase cholesterol HDL (good).

Being rich in – sitosterol, similar to the molecule of cholesterol, it serves for the reduction of cholesterol absorption in the intestine, besides acting on the membrane of the cells for the decrease of the absorption of cholesterol.

Rich in vitamin E, It can be considered to be a natural antioxidant.

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