Avocado Pearls

Uniform pearls about 5 to 8mm diameter, composed by sodium alginate (seaweed procedence) and filled with avocado oil increasing nutritional value of any dish who accompanies.

With high thermal tolerance it resists temperatures up to 211 F

Stability and mechanicall resistence allows this spheres use it and mixing with any other meals without any membrane damage.

Avocado Salt

Se trata de un Aceite de Aguacate con su sabor característico en estado de polvo mezclado con sal marina natural.

Avocado Oil with its characteristc flavour in powder state mixed with natural sea salt.

Avocado Cream

Emulsión de Aceite de Aguacate para untar. El producto presenta resistencia al escurrimiento, consistencia perfecta y es muy manejable.

Avocado Oil emulsion ready to spread. Runoff ressistance and perfect consistance converts this cream in a very managable product.

Avocado Jum

Se trata de una masa gelatinosa poco rígida pero con resistencia al escurrimiento. Presenta una consistencia perfecta y es muy manejable. Es una mermelada con un sabor afrutado y dulce sin azúcares.

It is a gelatinous and slightly rigid cream but resisting to run off at the same time. It has a very good consistance that makes it managable. Sweet fruit flavor jum without sugars.