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Avocado Cordovan Salmorejo

Ingredients (6 people )

  • 1 kg Tomato
  • 200 g Loaf of bread, preferably from Telera Cordobesa
  • 250 ml of Avocado Oil
  • 1 garlic clove
  • Salt to taste


  1. Para hacer el salmorejo comenzamos lavando los tomates retirando lo verde del pedúnculo y los ponemos en un bol donde los trituramos. Si se quiere se puede pelar antes de batir, pero hoy en día las batidoras son muy potentes y al final no se nota ni la piel ni las pepitas.
  2. Add the bread and let it soak, add the garlic clove and crush everything very well with the mixer or with the Thermomix and I get a thick cream of bread and tomato. The proportion of bread can be varied depending on the water of the tomatoes you use, how consistent the crumb is.
  3. Then add the Avocado Oil, and crush everything again until our salmorejo is uniform, with a nice orange colour and compact enough to hold on its surface the traditional trimmings for decorating each portion.
  4. Tradition demands that Andalusian salmorejo is always accompanied by some strips of good ham, chopped hard boiled egg and a few drops of Avocado oil.

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