Milenian and centenry oil trees

It is a generation of traditional agricultural producer settled for generations in the lands of Campo de Cámara, the heart of the province of Malaga. Our goal is the enhancement of these millennial and centennial olive groves, many of them of the magnificent variety, still uncataloged, by the IFAPA of the Junta de Andalucía, according to the University of Córdoba, with more than 1,200 years. The trilogy of Roman cultivation is more than present, not only in archaeological remains, but with a great vegetal patrimony, especially in the section of the olive grove with monumental specimens

Among our olive trees is the “Millennial Olive Tree de Carniceros” in Casabermeja, national award for Best Olive Tree Moments 2013 by AEMO.

Everything entails saving them from the danger of extinction that implies. A valorisation of the territory and its sustainable productivity, of the whole olive culture so that the new generations can enjoy its fruit, of the magnificent health possibilities it brings to the organism, its history, its prints, sometimes reviled.

Within this philosophy, we continue with the commitment of quality in harvesting and extraction so that the community can consume the great benefits of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) in its full potential.

Seeing the similar process of elaboration of avocado oil to olive oil and the agricultural development and consumption favored in the province of Malaga. We want to start the production of avocado oil for human consumption. Due to the excellent properties that the extra virgin avocado oil (AAVE) has for the human organism, like the extra virgin olive oil.

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